10 seasons in the making.

posted on October 31st 2014 in random notes with 0 Comments

I started roller derby in 2005. Before I met or spoke with another player, heard the rules, saw a game, anything – it was a perfect fit. I knew immediately after hearing 2nd hand about 1 article. I oddly never asked myself why or how, that I would become a player, and contributor in this movement. It just made sense with a certain no questions asked – like nothing before or after ever has.

Now, I’m in bed, the night before WCR takes the track as the #2 seed VS Rocky Mountain at WFTDA 2014 Champs in Nashville. It will be my 5th WFTDA Champs as a competitor. Something that was my ultimate roller derby dream – just to be able to play at WFTDA Champs. (It’s amazing how things evolve, as now I of course want to win WFTDA Champs, ha)

I still feel I am living the dream with each opportunity to play, and am especially reminded at this time of year.

Speaking of living the dream, I am doing a lot of coaching these days. Comments I often hear are that people leave with a renewed love for derby, they feel inspired, my passion for the sport was contagious, and they love the tidbits of wisdom I share through the way I break things down.

You’ve inspired me to start a blog to keep it going. Where I can also thank the many people who’ve made this possible, and hopefully share some pretty funny stuff too.